What is a fandom?


Imagine that girl in elementary school that never stopped talking about horses in a class with 1700 other girls who are obsessed with horses in a class about horses

Here is a site that generates random sentences based on a redditor's top comments →

Magnetic storm measurment thing is down to five from seven. Time to sleep.

No northern lights, but I have significanty upped my stargazing hours for the year and there were some nice clouds and a mysterious bell. I don’t need more than that.

No sign of the aurora but I just saw a shooting star.

Bit of satellite trash falling out of orbit perhaps?

The clouds are gone. Midnight is coming. I have three coats, a blanket, a quilt, and a deck chair.

Now all I need is luck.

And to not fall asleep.

That too.

Planning on staring at the sky for the next several hours so of course there are clouds. C’mon! Solar flare happening, I’m in the lowest possible chance but still a chance zone, I’M OUT OF THE CITY LIGHT POLLUTION ZONE.

Go away clouds!



Do you know this song?

I first found it in midi format called serenity.mid back in the early 2000s, on some of those Sailor Moon midi websites that were super-popular. Except I have 20+ Sailor Moon music CDs, and this piece isn’t on any of them. I’m beginning to be sure that it is NOT from the series. It might be a piece of music from something else that was misattributed to being from Sailor Moon (because attributing things has always been flaky). Maybe someone wrote this themselves as a fan song for the show and it spread across the internet.

If anyone has a good ear for music identification, please help out - I’m looking to find out what this piece actually is called and who composed it. Even if you don’t recognize it, can you reblog it so maybe someone who does will see this?

hazelxfaerie you know some folks who’d be good at id-ing an old midi like this, right?

Decided to see if I’d figured out anything new about how vector art works since the last time I tried it. Answer: Kinda, sorta, yeah!

The color scheme’s unpleasantly low contrast, but that’s what I get for trying to do a logo for the dark side legacy alone. I might throw in more transparent bits in to try to fix that? Not sure.